What’s in a name? 

Owl Sight Intentions, Inc. (OSI) is a leadership and organizational development firm dedicated to producing leadership that is visionary, courageous, and incomparably effective – based on the belief that the only true measure of great leadership is the enduring results that the leader and those who are led produce together. This type of leadership is represented in the symbolism suggested by the OSI name. 

Owl – Throughout recorded history, in cultures East and West, the owl has symbolized wisdom. This nocturnal bird of prey seems to have always been regarded as a metaphor for the knowledge and understanding that leads to enlightened action. Add to this the fact that despite the owl’s stoic demeanor, it is a fierce hunter of considerable prowess, and what emerges is a picture of the powerful achievement of well-chosen ends.

Sight – The truly effective leader is one who is not only visionary and insightful, but, like the owl, has the capacity to see through the darkness. Like the owl, the great leader has the ability to see in the dark of night what others can only see in the light of day. Thus, such a leader is able to remain steady and purposeful in the face of the sort of adversity and confusion that cause lesser leaders to flounder.


Intentions – To be intentional is perhaps the most significant of all the leadership traits. It reflects a quality of commitment that is uncommon but is always present where great achievement is found. It also reflects and actually is the energy and understanding that leads to the achievement of that purpose. Simply put, without intentionality, compelling and enduring leadership is not possible. 

Owl Sight Intentions seeks to combine and unabashedly instill these fundamental qualities in the leaders we work with around the world. OSI is dedicated to the proposition that to lead is to create, to create is to sustain, and to sustain ultimately is to transform what is…into what could be…and what could be…into reality.

OSI does not seek to employ catchy techniques or the latest in leadership gimmicks. Rather, we are committed to offering an expression of transformational technology that challenges the individual leader to deepen and expand his or her scope as a leader and, of course, as a human being. As a consequence, the development of leadership character – in terms of creativity, courage, and authentic commitment to success – is always our foremost concern. Our ultimate intent is to assist leaders and leadership teams in establishing new and powerful ways of generating unrivaled levels of achievement and organizational growth.