DeLayna Stevens, Head of Coaching & Coaching Development


DeLayna Stevens was formally educated in Human and Early Childhood Development, though it was many years later before she began to directly use her formal training. At the age of 27 she became the Executive Vice President of the largest private lab company in the state of Texas.

Being a California girl at heart, she eventually made her way back to the Golden State, and after serving in several positions in executive leadership for multiple organizations, including The Red Lion Corporation, she decided to return to her first love, human development and began her career as a transformative consulting and leadership coach.

For over 15 years she has worked with leaders in a wide variety of fields in her capacity as coach and consultant.  In 2007, her brother, Dr. Cleve Stevens, was able to persuade her to join him at Owl Sight Intentions. “She is by far the best transformational coach I have ever encountered,” says Dr. Stevens. “I realize I’m not entirely objective, but results don’t lie, and she gets ‘em like no one I’ve ever seen. After five long years of trying I finally got her to come to work with us at OSI.” Today, DeLayna heads up the coaching development arm of OSI, working with OSI clients and overseeing the development of other OSI coaches.